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I started collecting fountain pens in 1996. I stopped into a Staples to buy some school supplies. On my way out, I passed the nice pen case. I saw a sale sign so I got interested! I purchased a "fancy" highlighter because they weren't going to be carrying that brand any longer. It was the only pen left in the case. It was a burgundy pen and I paid $10.61 for it. I remember thinking it was lot of money for a highlighter, but I had never seen a "fancy" highlighter before! Well, the pen turned out to be a Montblanc Bordeaux LeGrand 166r, and I happened to get the deal of the day! When I left I did some research and found out it was a $200.00 pen!

I was hooked. How could someone pay $200.00 for a pen, let alone a highlighter I remember thinking. The bug had bit and I turned into a collector! I started with modern pens but quickly got into vintage pens. Vintage pens are harder to find, and have more soul in my opinion! I have collected many pens over the years, and Montblanc remains my favorite! After a couple years I started tinkering and then began restoring pens. Simple lever fillers first, then button fillers. Before long I was cutting cork and recorking vintage Montblanc pens!

I have a ton of hobbies. I love high performance cars and motorcycles and I collect watches, numismatics and currency, vintage razors, ephemera, challenge coins, you name it! Haha!

Finally, I am married to a wonderful woman who lets me be myself, which, as small as it sounds, is more than a man could ever ask for. I have great family and friends all around me, what more can I ask for!!